GippsLAN #9

16th-18th June 2017

Fun for ALL


PC Gaming 

GippsLAN events offer a wide range of PC gaming competitions and friendly skirmishes within relaxed gaming environment! 


Console Gaming

Although PC gaming has traditionally been the focus at LANing events, GippsLAN caters for the console gaming community also.


Prizes, Raffles & Trophies!

Take part in our wide range of gaming and AFK comps for your chance to win prizes or trophies. Not into gaming comps, no prob, you can enter a raffle for your chance to win some awesome prizes!

GippsLAN #9 Schedule

8pm: Event Start

9pm – 11pm: Mario Kart WiiU [COMP]

11pm – 1am: 1-2 Switch [COMP]

Where teh LAN at?

GippsLAN events are held at the Gippsland Go Kart Club in Morwell, behind Monacellars. Entry is off Tramway Rd, same driveway as Monacellars.

Princes Dr & Tramway Rd, Morwell VIC 3840



What do I bring to GippsLAN?

Your TICKET! When you booked your ticket online you will have received an email with your entry ticket attached. Please print out your ticket or have a copy available for viewing on a phone or tablet.
GippsLAN is a BYOD event, so you will need to bring your own PC/laptop and peripherals. This includes your keyboard, mouse, headset etc. 
Seating and tables are provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own chair if you like.
Networking and power boards are supplied by GippsLAN, please don’t bring your own. 

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by using the email links at the top and bottom of the page or via social media.

Where are you located?

GippsLAN events are held at the Gippsland Go Kart Club on the corner of Princes Drive & Tramway Road in Morwell VIC 3840. 

Who can attend?

GippLAN is open to participants of all ages. No supervision is provided for younger children, so it is advised that an adult attends with children under 16. Parents are welcome to leave emergency contact details with a GippsLAN admin.

How Long is the Event?

GippsLAN events are usually a Friday to Sunday event or at Saturday & Sunday event. Please see specific event details for more information regarding start and end times.